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SONOS Play:5 Debut Event at Abt

Thanks to a full suite of impressive wireless speakers, the name SONOS has become synonymous with high-quality streaming audio. From a single diminutive Play:1 to a complete surround-sound system anchored by a PLAYBAR, SONOS speakers make it easy to get great sound for your music and movies.  The simple setup and wireless connectivity mean you can take your tunes into any room. But not all rooms are created equally, and sometimes what sounds great in a small bedroom doesn’t sound so hot in a large, oddly-shaped kitchen. Well, SONOS now has a cure for that.

This month, SONOS is debuting the redesigned PLAY:5 wireless speaker. It looks and sounds better than ever, but there’s more to the new PLAY:5 than just a sleek new shell and some internal tweaking. The new unit is the first SONOS product to include the company’s proprietary Trueplay speaker tuning system. By linking with your iPhone or iPad, Trueplay listens to how sound interacts with the space around you, then automatically adjusts your SONOS PLAY:5 to create the best sound output for the room in which it’s located.

This Friday, you’re invited to attend a special demo of the SONOS PLAY:5, where you can hear Trueplay in action and get hands-on experience with the entire line of SONOS products. Enjoy light refreshments while you listen, and enter for a chance to win a PLAY:1 speaker bundle or a PLAYBAR soundbar. Click the image below to get to the RSVP page. We hope to see you there!

sonos play 5 trueplay event

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