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Service That Goes The Extra Mile

Abt is a pretty big store, ginormous to be exact. Within this ginormous store we have several different departments. I work in order processing, and we have our sales, cashier, and customer service departments just like any other store. But, unlike most other retail stores, we have our own electronic and appliance service departments. These departments help our customers with their clock radios or scheduling appointments to get their refrigerators back up and running again. Awhile back I sat with Tony Andrade from appliance service to hear some of the stories he’s collected over the years.

 Abt appliance service manager Tony Andrade

“A customer had a Christmas dinner lined up with her entire family,” said Tony. “She called in on Christmas Eve around 4 o’clock, panicking over the fact that her oven was not working and she needed someone to repair it right away. After speaking with her for a couple of minutes I diagnosed her problem. I gathered some parts that I thought I may need to fix her oven, and headed out to her home. After a couple of hours I had fixed her oven and she was ready to start cooking her Christmas dinner for the next day. She was very excited and happy that she could cook Christmas dinner at her house for her whole family.”

After hearing that story, I was amazed. I joked and called him “Super Tony.” He laughed and politely disagreed. To Tony, stories like that have become an everyday occurrence. Our conversation quickly ended after that. Tony had to answer another call. With that he was off to go and quite possibly save another dinner party or who knows what else.     —by Victor Santiagos

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