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Serious Watchers Wanted! LG’s Cinema House is Coming to Abt.

LG’s OLED TVs marked one of the greatest advancements in TV technology since the dawn of the HD era, and this weekend you’ll have the chance to experience them in an environment that’s been expertly designed for some Serious Watching. The LG Cinema House is a traveling demonstration featuring LG’s flagship TV, the W7 Signature OLED TV (aka the “Wallpaper TV”) and its accompanying Dolby Atmos-capable soundbar. It’s a mobile marvel that illustrates the potential for at-home entertainment with LG products. Visitors to the LG Cinema House will have the chance to watch clips of Netflix’s most popular content, including Stranger Things 2, Okja, and Marvel’s Defenders. Space is limited, so to secure a spot, please click through below to RSVP. And get ready to do some serious Watching!

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