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Seats and Eats For Your Super Bowl Party

Okay, you’ve got the HDTV and the surround-sound system, so now it’s time to think about your guests’ comfort and their probably insatiable hunger. It’s reported that antacid sales go up 20 percent the day after the Super Bowl, and that an estimated 1.4 million people are expected to call in sick that same day. So it’s up to you to provide quality food and seating to keep your guests relaxed and their stomachs as acid free as possible.

The Palliser Juno Series Leather Corner Curve Loveseat Sectional features a modular design that provides maximum flexibility, and multiple configurations are available so you can create your own sectional. It also offers a hardwood frame with full metal undercarriage, along with a choice of more than 100 leathers and fabrics. Your guests will feel so comfortable, they might not want to leave.

Palliser Juno Series Leather Loveseat Sectional

When everyone starts getting hungry, Breville’s Indoor BBQ and Grill (model 800GRXL) will come to the rescue. It features non-stick plates and can be used as a closed contact grill or an open BBQ grill to create an assortment of delicious entrees for your guests. For snacks, Cuisinart’s EasyPop Popcorn Maker (model CPM900) delivers 10 cups of tasty, homemade popcorn in less than five minutes. The popping bowl has built-in ventilation, and the motorized stirring mechanism ensures the best popping possible.

Cuisinart EasyPop Popcorn Maker

If everyone’s favorite team (or the one you all bet heavily on) is losing, we’ve got something to help turn those boos into booze. The Avanti 5 Liter Mini Beer Keg (model MBD5L) can handle all standard 5 liter mini beer kegs so you can enjoy your favorite brews. Tapping and cleaning kits are included, and there is a digital display for temperature settings. Also, the lightweight design lets you move it anywhere easily, so you can place it next to the person who likes to act like a bartender.

Avanti 5 Liter Mini Beer Keg

If you follow the suggestions we’ve made over the last few days, your worries about throwing a successful Super Bowl party will melt away, unlike the ice and snow here in Chicago, since it’s something like 4 degrees below zero right now. Want a prediction? I say Steelers over the Cardinals by 6, and your party’s going to be great.  —by Graham W.

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