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School’s Out: Summer Toys & Technology for Kids

Children running and laughing together in a sunny, green field of grass.

As the final bell rings and the school year ends, the kids are probably ready to welcome summer with open arms. While warm weather and a break from homework are a relief, finding ways for them to pass the time can be overwhelming. Throughout the sunny season, how do you discover new and exciting ways to entertain your youngster? Look no further than our recommendations on the best summer toys and technology at Abt. We have something to kick-start every kid’s summer fun.

For Media Fanatics

Nintendo Switch Lite Gaming Console

A turquoise handheld video game console toy with a screen, knobs and buttons

Looking for summer toys to please your junior gamer, but want to get them out of the house too? The Nintendo Switch Lite gaming console has got you covered. This handheld device features built-in controllers and requires no wired connections whatsoever (excluding the charger). Because of its lightweight, compact size, the Switch can be taken on the go anywhere your child wants. Nintendo offers a large number of physical games for purchase, as well as an online library of downloadable games to add to their collection. When setting up a Nintendo account, your child also has the option to add their friends and play with them virtually too. Don’t forget to take advantage of the Parental Controls app so you can set gaming guidelines from your smart device.

Arcade1Up Infinity Game Table

One of the summer toys the whole family can enjoy is the Arcade1Up Infinity Game Table. This large tablet-like device holds 48 different games for all ages, allowing up to six players to participate at a time. The screen is high-resolution and uses haptic feedback sensors to truly immerse each person into worlds of fun. The legs of the table are completely removable, allowing you to take the Infinity Game Table to a friend’s house or on vacation. Don’t worry about accidental damage either, as the glass screen is extremely durable and the whole device is water resistant.

A small table with a full screen surface, a child is using the game table toy screen to color a picture of a dolphin.

For Artistic Imaginations

Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 Instant Camera

A mint green instant film camera with a photo popping out of the built-in printer

Finding summer toys for a crafty kid can be a challenge. Are they interested in capturing memories or collecting photos for a scrapbooking project? Then the Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 instant camera can help them get there. This portable camera is easy to use no matter what age you are, as you can zoom in with the twistable lens and capture a shot with only the press of a button. You won’t need to worry about adjusting settings either; the automatic exposure senses when flash is needed on its own. This instant camera also features a mirror on the front side to help with taking selfies. Even younger, more impatient children will love the Instax Mini as the high-speed printing puts the photo into their hands in no time.

LiteZilla Mini Interactive Art Wall

Take your child’s creativity to the next level and turn their art into home decor with the LiteZilla mini interactive art wall. This LiteZilla product comes with 144 colorful LitePins that contain color-changing LED lights. While the device uses electricity to illuminate the pegs, the backlighting actually saves energy. Enjoy all the colors of the rainbow and control them too with the accompanying handheld remote. Your child will feel like they’re creating something truly magical. You can mount the LiteZilla mini interactive art wall in any room or use it as a simple tabletop toy. You can even use it as a night light! The best part? It can be consistently taken apart and made into something new. There are so many combinations and pictures to create on the LiteZilla mini interactive art wall.

An interactive art wall toy with light up pegs of different colors hanging above a desk in a home.

For Outdoor Adventurers

Segway Ninebot eKickScooter Zing C8

A grey electric scooter toy for children

Did you know the outdoor recreation technology at Abt isn’t just for adults? This Segway Ninebot eKickScooter Zing C8 is one of the most exciting summer toys, as six to twelve-year-olds can take rides around the neighborhood without sacrificing safety. This scooter can reach a maximum speed of 10 mph and has a range of 6.5 miles before needing a charge. Kids can choose from three riding modes: cruise, turbo or safe. If your kid dares to take on turbo, though, investing in a helmet is recommended. The reliable mechanical braking system comes in the form of an easy-to-use hand brake. The scooter’s construction is conveniently lightweight as well, so if your child gets tired, carrying the scooter home will be no trouble.

DJI Mini 2 SE Drone

Give your child the power to recreate their favorite action-packed chase scenes with the DJI Mini 2 SE drone. This flying camera can capture up to 10 km of HD video transmission, creating a beautiful shot every time. While summer toys like this drone may seem too advanced or breakable for your child, this is far from the truth. The DJI Mini is lightweight yet durable, guaranteeing stable flight even when flying in level-five winds. Operating this drone is easy; just take off and land with a single tap. You’ll never lose this device either, as you can rely on the Return-To-Home feature when the battery runs low. If your child still wants extra drone support, the DJI Fly app comes with plenty of instructions and tutorials too. Also, the compact design allows the DJI Mini 2 SE to be portable, so they can continue flying in new, unexplored places.

A grey drone toy with a built-in camera, four propellers and a hand controller.

Continue Exploring Abt for Summer Toys

If our recommendations don’t catch your child’s eye, feel free to shop more at Abt for all the summer toys you’ll need. Whether it’s a character from their favorite film, moldable clay or play vehicles, we’re bound to have something to help boost the fun. 

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