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Scalado Introduces New Picture Editing Software For Your Android

Have you ever snapped the perfect picture only to have it ruined by someone walking in the frame, or wanted to remove someone you caught “photobombing” your image?  Well now you can with a new feature from the phototechnology firm Scalado, called “Scalado Remove.”  It builds a composite shot from multiple frames captured in swift succession, picking out possible flaws – such as passing cars or people – then lets you delete them with a tap of the screen.

Once you take a picture you’ll need to keep the camera still on the particular subject. Scalado will then be able to remove moving objects based on the stationary background. All you do is touch the moving subjects you want gone and it does the rest.  It is not currently available as a download, but a feature on upcoming Android phones.

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    February 24, 2012 at 9:32 am

    i like my indriod connected to scalado.thanks

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