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Sanus Announces Recall

Sanus at Abt

If you purchased a Sanus LF2281B1 prior to July 2010, you may be affected by this recall. Check the mount for a gap in the seam on the joint where the swing arms come together. If there is no gap, the mount is fine.  If there is a gap present, the mount may be defective.  Sanus will be replacing the arms on any affected mounts at no charge.  You can contact Sanus directly or contact Abt to do the replacement.

Please note that this is a voluntary recall and that there are no reported cases of failure in the field.  The defect was discovered in a routine quality check.  According to Jim K, our Sanus buyer, “Sanus is being proactive and customers are not in any immediate danger.”

If you have any questions, please contact us or leave a comment.

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