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Samsung’s New Android 4.0 Tablet

Samsung seems to be churning out a new tablet every week. Their first foray into the Android tab market was the 7-inch Galaxy Tab, and they recently revisited that form factor with the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. In fact, Samsung seems to love the concept of a 7-inch tablet so much that they have announced their first Ice Cream Sandwich-powered tablet will be the 7-inch Galaxy Tab 2.

While the news of a new Android 4.0 tablet is enough to get some gadget fans all hot and bothered, the Galaxy Tab 2′s spec sheet doesn’t illustrate much technical improvement over its forebears, but it will be a bit more affordable than their previous tablet entries. Their goal is to become more available to a wide range of tablet-users that haven’t quite yet made the leap to a tablet due to pricing constraints.  Look for the new Samsung 7-inch Android 4.0 to arrive by Q3.

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