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Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator

family hub

Imagine a fridge that can entertain during dinner, view your son’s soccer practice schedule, and capture pictures of the inside of your fridge. Seems too good to be true, right? Believe it or not, Samsung has stepped up their game with their notable appliance, the Family Hub refrigerator. The Family Hub is Samsung’s new Wi-Fi enabled touchscreen fridge that can help your family stay organized while providing entertainment for the whole house.

family hub

No more going back to the grocery store because you forgot to buy milk. Make sure you’ve crossed everything off your shopping list by viewing the inside of your fridge from your phone. The Family Hub has three built-in cameras that capture photos every time you close the doors, this way you can find out what you have and what you need.

Stay Organized and Entertained

Unlike any other fridge, the Family Hub keeps up with your everyday routines. Stay connected with your family by posting reminders and notes on the touchscreen from anywhere, by using your mobile device and apps like Sticki. Staying on track and staying organized is easy with the Family Hub.  You can sync everyone’s calendar together so you’ll never miss a recital or your next dentist appointment.

The Family Hub refrigerator is a one-of-a-kind appliance, that not only functions as a fridge, but can also be your entertainment in the kitchen. You can view your family vacation photos on the vivid touchscreen, but the entertainment doesn’t stop there. Your kitchen might be your new favorite hang out in the house. Crazy right? You can wirelessly mirror your Smart TV to the touchscreen on the fridge, and with built-in speakers you watch your favorite movie and never miss the good parts!  You can also stream music by using the Pandora app, pull up recipes through the Allrecipes app and even connect to your local grocery store by creating a shopping list and picking it up with the Groceries by Mastercard app.

Keep It Cool

The Family Hub can keep up with your family’s everyday routines while keeping your food fresh.  The fridge contains innovative features like FlexZone custom cooling. The bottom-right door can be switched into a fridge or freeze. By one touch of a button, you can choose up to 5 different temperatures to your liking. Also, the fridge has a triple cooling system. This exceptional cooling system uses three evaporators for the right temperature and humidity control. These features will help your food stay fresh longer.

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