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Samsung TV Channel?

Managing settings on a new TV can be daunting. Reading the manual that came with the TV is even worse. Samsung understands consumer’s frustrations. They recently launched a streaming TV “channel” to assist users with all of the technical questions associated with their new TV and other Samsung products.

Samsung is looking to lead the consumer electronics industry in hosting a live stream video channel, and we are excited about adding this to the current portfolio of product support services we already offer to our customers,” the company said in a statement on the program.

The first of the streaming broadcasts will feature topics from digital TVs to Samsung’s line of mobile phones. Along with the streaming video, a live chat will give users the opportunity to ask questions and get answers at the end of the broadcast.

Ultimately, the goal of the Samsung Product Support TV (SPSTV) “channel” is to fully educate customers on the capabilities of their Samsung products and new purchases. Will you use the SPSTV channel for assistance?

-Kelly B.

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