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Samsung T9000 Super-Fridge in Action

CES 2013— Here’s a couple of videos of the Samsung T9000 four-door fridge we wrote about on Tuesday. Josh takes a closer look at the interior of the unit, as well as the integrated touchscreen display.

Appliances like the Samsung T9000 tend to attract a lot of criticism, with detractors assuming the added technology is useless, just gadgetry added to raise the price. This quick video, however, shows just one simple yet novel use for the T9000 touchscreen. The Samsung T9000 Grocery Manager app lets you easily note when you bought particular foods and added them to the fridge. No more hastily labeling plastic-wrapped items with permanent marker!

At 32 cubic feet in capacity, it’ll be easy to lose track of perishable items in the rear of the unit, but this app will put a real time list of all the items in your fridge and their purchase dates right on the door. A recent report by the National Resources Defense Council estimates that the average family of four wastes between $1,350 and $2,275 in food per year, in part due to spoilage often caused by “poor visibility in refrigerators.” By intelligently monitoring  the items in your fridge, the potential money savings from reducing wasted food can really add up over the life of the unit.

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