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Samsung HW-T450, HW-T550, and HW-T650 Soundbars Compared

We compare the Samsung HW-T450 vs HW-T550 vs HW-T650

As televisions continue to make strides in picture quality, smart features, and thinness, there’s one feature that they almost always fall behind on: great sound. Televisions that combine both a slim design with impressive sound quality are far and few between—and that’s just a matter of physics. Speakers make sound by moving a cone which moves air to create soundwaves, and with the minimal depth of modern TVs, there’s not enough room for those speakers to move. Integrated speakers are fine for basic TV watching, but if you often enjoy movies, you’ll have to deal with underwhelming sound, or add something like a soundbar to your setup. But that brings you to another dilemma: which soundbar to buy? To help you decide, we took an in-depth look at three of the newest Samsung soundbars. Check out the videos below to learn about the major features of the Samsung HW-T450, WH-T550, and HW-T650 soundbars.

First up is the Samsung HW-T450, the entry-level model in the HW-T lineup. If you’re looking to add improved sound to your TV while sticking to a budget, this is your best bet. It’s a simple two-channel soundbar, but at 200W and with the added bass from the included subwoofer, it’s a big step up from your TV’s speakers.

Move up to the Samsung HW-T550, you’ll get a bit more oomph to take your movies to the next level. A more than 50% increase in power—to a total of 320W—means this soundbar will get louder without distorting, and the Virtual 3D Surround Sound gives viewers the feeling of being surrounded by speakers.

At the top of the HW-T lineup is the Samsung HW-T650 soundbar. This model adds an additional driver to the soundbar, giving you a true three-channel system. What does that mean? The center channel typically handles on-screen dialogue, so you’ll more clearly hear what’s being said in that big budget movie, without background sounds overpowering it.

All three of these Samsung soundbars share some common traits—they’re all wall-mountable, can have HDMI and Bluetooth connectivity, and they all come with the Samsung One Remote. If you’re trying to decide between the Samsung HW-T450, HW-T550, and HW-T650 and just want the main points, check out the comparison video below. And if you have any questions that these videos haven’t answered, feel free to contact us via chat, email, or phone and we’ll be happy to assist. 

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    June 2, 2020 at 5:45 am

    I brought the T550 Samsung Sound Bar on your recommendation.
    really happy.
    One question I have. At the back of the woofer there is a piece of plastic covering a hole.
    Is that meant to be removed upon purchase. Thanks in advance.

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