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Samsung 8K TV QN800A Series Overview

Samsung 8k TV Review

Samsung 8K TV QN800A Series Overview

When 8K TVs first hit the market, they were priced at an incredibly cost-exclusive rate, and it could be tough to justify shelling out over ten thousand dollars for what seemed like just a few extra pixels. Everything changes with Samsung’s new lineup of 8K TVs. Samsung has made strides to bring their QN800 Series down to earth with a much more realistic price point for the avid sports fan, game player or movie watcher. The highest available definition in film at the moment showcases 7680 by 4320 pixels for incredible detail that’s hard to find. In truth, you’ll be hard-pressed to find the same resolution at a lower price at the moment.

The resolution isn’t the only thing notable about each Samsung 8K TV. The QN800A is built for high-powered entertainment thanks to an impressive audio setup. A built-in equalizer allows you to customize your sound just the way you like, while a dialogue enhancement feature makes it easier to hear on-screen conversations that might otherwise be drowned out (goodbye, closed captions). No corners are cut here when it comes to audio, though many may prefer to pair their Samsung 8K TV with a soundbar for that true movie theater experience. Combined with a proper sound system, the built-in Object Tracking Sound+ system will immerse you completely in what’s on screen.

Samsung 8K TV Object Tracking Sound

To learn more about the features that make these screens so special (like extra-bright mini-LEDs that create an incredible color contrast close to what you might find in an OLED) check out our video below. You’ll discover whether our resident technologists think that it’s worth upgrading over the 4K QN90A, and who could benefit from the boost most. (Hint: If you’ve got a next-gen gaming console, you’ll want to see what we think of its performance.)

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