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Safety and Sanitation Tech from CES 2021

razer project hazel n95 mask

CES is one top showcases of consumer trends, so it’s no surprise to see tons of sanitation tech being shown off this year. While last spring saw a surge in improvised PPE and sanitation products, we’ve now been weathering the pandemic long enough for brands to have developed some high-tech options. We already mentioned the smart appliances with incidental sanitation features built in, like the LG Instaview fridge with a UV light on its water filter, but there were also lots of more focused solutions. Here are some of the newest high-tech health and safety products from CES 2021.

Razer Project Hazel

It might seem weird to see a computer gaming gear manufacturer showing off a face mask, but Razer is one of the brands that’s been in the fight against COVID-19 since the early days of the pandemic. Back in spring 2020, the gaming giant tapped one of its manufacturing partners to transform a production line into a mask. Razer pledged to donate one million masks to healthcare workers. 

The Razer Project Hazel mask features reusable N95 filters, RGB lighting, and an active microphone/speaker system to ensure you can hear and be heard. The storage case doubles as a UV-light sanitizing station.

Fast forward nearly a year, and Razer has unveiled the flashy Project Hazel, a high-tech concept that they’re calling “The World’s Smartest Mask.” Project Hazel utilizes replaceable N95 filters to achieve medical-grade protection. It’s also packed with tech to keep you safe while maximizing comfort and usability. The reusable mask features an unobtrusive, air-tight seal for a snug fit; built-in microphones and speakers to ensure you can hear and be heard, and active ventilators to keep air flowing. And yes, like any peripheral worth buying, the Razer Project Hazel also has built-in RGB lighting. At the end of the day, users can recharge their Project Hazel mask in the included charging case, which doubles as a UV-light sanitizing station.

The Ettie Doorbell by Plott

The Ettie is probably the most explicitly pandemic-inspired tech product unveiled at CES this year. Ettie is a smart video doorbell with all of the features you’d typically see in a similar product—app connectivity, high-definition video, and the ability to speak directly to your visitors via 2-way audio system. But the headlining feature of the Ettie is its built-in thermometer. Ettie takes your visitors’ temperature, and will give them a corresponding alert to let them know if they are allowed to enter. The Ettie doorbell will also take your guests’ photos and log the time they visited.

Sanitation Robots from LG and Ubtech

If there’s one thing CES loves, it’s a robot. Every year, there’s a new futuristic take on the personal robot. We’ve seen robots that do laundry, assist with your shopping, or help you navigate the airport. This year, the robot fascination merged with the trends towards health and sanitation, giving us multiple models of autonomous antibacterial aides.

The LG Cloi UV (left) and Ubtech Adibot-A are autonomous sanitizing machines.

Both the LG Cloi UV and the Ubtech Adibot-A are self-guided cleaning robots designed to sanitize shared spaces, sort of like a Roomba for germs. These robots can roam the halls of a building, blasting surfaces with UVC light to instantly sanitize surfaces. UVC light has long been used as an effective, chemical-free method for killing germs, and the FDA supports its use to “inactivate” the SARS-CoV-2 virus—but it will also damage your skin and eyes. Robots like the LG Cloi UV and Ubtech Adibot are an ideal solution doing the disinfecting behind the scenes, with no human input necessary.

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