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Safely Securing Your Television Set

Since October of 2011, four children were killed due to improperly installing or setting TV sets. Steve Shapiro, sales manager at Abt Electronics in Glenview, Ill. told USA Today, “TVs often are more dangerous: a 32-inch tube TV weighs about (150lbs), while a new 32-inch flat screen weighs (20lbs). The safest place for a TV, he says, is bolted to an adequately sized stand or strapped or mounted on a wall 5 feet up where children can’t reach it.”

Abt Sales Representative Josh Davis also stopped by Chicago’s WGN morning news recently to inform consumers the proper way to keep your TV safe on a stand or wall.  Recently there have been reports of TVs falling on children an infants due to improper safety regulations.  It it important to have proper security, whether your unit is an old tube TV or a new flat-panel TV.  Check out the link below for some tips on how to keep your TV and family safe from any potential falling TV dangers.

Josh WGN Safety Video

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