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Run Windows on a Mac with Parallels 5

Are you hesitant to get a Mac because you are used to your PC? Parallels might be the solution for you. It is software that can help you transition from a PC to a Mac. Parallels software enables your new Mac to run any program or software made for your PC.

I spoke with Josh D., Apple Guru here at Abt; he is so excited about Parallels software.
Josh asked me, “Have you ever used Windows on a Mac? It’s surprisingly easy to run Windows Quickbooks or even Microsoft Access on a Mac.”

How easy is it? You be the judge!

Watch the video that Josh made using Parallels software, so you can see it in action. He reminded me that it’s not like Apple Boot Camp, in that Parallels actually runs Windows and a Mac simultaneously.

Josh gave me some advice about the new software too, “Select a Mac with a good amount of Ram, I recommend 4GB, but 2GB is ok too. Parallels 5 does a fantastic job porting over your old Mac; install Parallels yourself and transfer your old PC right onto the Mac.”

For more information, speak with an Abt Connect Tech or Apple Product Professional today.

-Kelly B.

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