Robot Domination: A Step Closer with Unbeatable Robo Hand

Robots: sci-fi mythic creations in the 50’s that have all but stayed science fiction. As technology progresses, so do the capabilities of robots. We have those little feeling-less machines take out our garbage, clean and scrub our floors, park our cars, beat us at Jeopardy and now, become unbeatable at “rock, paper, scissors”.  At least that’s what our eyes think.

Japanese designers have created a robotic hand that analyzes your result in a “rock, paper, scissor” game faster than the eye can see, thus always beating you. Professor Masatoshi Ishikawa says the robot can process 1,000 frames per second, while the human eye can only process 30, at most. This has nothing to do with prediction,” Ishikawa said. “The robot is playing the exact same game, but it can move 33 times faster than humans. There’s no way to win.”

“There’s no way to win?”  That sounds like the anthem robots will be digitally shouting as they attempt to lay waste to our cities and take over humanity. Until that time comes, smile as you will always lose a game of rock paper scissors to a robot, and start being a littler nicer to your Roomba.

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