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Riding The SURF In Las Vegas

The new Motorola SURF A3100, on display at the Consumer Electronics Show, is a customizable 3G phone with an icon-based touchscreen much like the iPhone, but smaller in overall size. The SURF also features a stylus and an omni-directional trackball to access to the Internet or other content, and it runs Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional.

With the SURF’s customizable icon-based carousel, you can access continuous live feeds, weather, e-mail, news, and calendar events. It also offers one-touch access to Facebook, and other advanced features include video conferencing and a GPS. The unit’s Windows Media Player lets you transfer music, videos, and images from a PC and also enjoy streaming video via YouTube. Motorola is still finalizing who the carriers will be, so no release date has been set. —by Graham W.

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