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Relax With Our New Massage Chairs Buying Guide

The holidays can bring on a lot of stress, so what better way to relieve it than by sitting back and reading about the kind of chair you should be sitting in? Our new Massage Chairs Buying Guide tells you everything you need to know before going out and purchasing one of these technological marvels, which can take the place of a masseuse or regular spa trips or living somewhere that doesn’t have any stress (Neptune perhaps?).

As you read our guide, you’ll feel the relaxation washing over you as you learn about acupoint detection systems, compression massage technique, percussion massage technique, ergonomic contours, the difference between Hawaiian and Swedish massage techniques, and other features you might like to have in your very own massage chair.

Once you’ve finished reading the Massage Chairs Buying Guide, you’ll probably be completely invigorated, and you can use some of that newfound energy to click here and check out the great selection of massage chairs available at Abt.   —by Graham W.

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