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Hello! It’s Tim again and I’m back with more green tips for you!

Today, with the current heat level around here, I thought I’d talk about refrigerators. After your HVAC system, your fridge uses the most energy of any appliance in your home.

When buying a new or replacement fridge, keep these things in mind:

  • Buy an Energy Star unit.  The slightly higher purchase price will be offset by your lower energy bill in the long run.
  • If you are in the process of planning product placement, keep the fridge away from heat registers and out of direct sunlight.
  • Look at a French door unit.  When the kids, or you, go to peruse the fridge for what you may want to eat, only having half of a door open lets less cold out than having a full door open.  This is one of the biggest benefits of a French door unit.  Plus they look great!

When using the fridge you should:

  • Plan on what you want before opening the fridge.  Standing with the door open quickly raises the temperature and makes your fridge work harder than needed.
  • Plan when putting your groceries away.  Separate which products go into the fridge or freezer.  Then, only open each door once to put it all away.  This is much better than opening a door for each individual item.
  • Keep the fridge at 36-38 degrees.  This is the sweet spot for energy efficiency.
  • Check the seal around the door.  Make sure it is in good condition, seals all the way around, and that nothing is keeping the door from closing all the way.
  • Let your leftovers cool on the counter before putting them in the fridge.  Putting hot food in the fridge is a sure way to increase your energy use.

With summer here, your fridge will get lots of use taking care of you by giving you cold drinks and ice to cool off.  Take care of your fridge by helping it to work as little as possible! For more information on choosing a fridge, view our Refrigerator Sizing & Buying Guide.

Stay green!

-Tim S.

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