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Ready For Windows 7?

Windows 7

Windows 7 is coming October 22. With the release date quickly approaching, I checked out some of the features of the new operating system (OS).

Windows 7 was created to make using a computer quicker, easier, and faster. The video tour shows key features of the new OS including a web-like keyword search, quicker access to frequently used websites and programs, and media center enabling your computer to act like a TV or DVR when used in conjunction with a tuner.

In addition to the new features included on Windows 7, users can determine the amount of alerts they receive. One of the chief complaints users had about Windows Vista was the number of alerts they received about various things. Even if the alerts are kept at the default setting, there aren’t as many as before.

Parental controls can now be set for the computer using Windows 7. Parents will now be able to choose what times of day kids will be able to use the internet, monitor internet usage, and with the video game rating system—determine what video games can be played.

-Kelly B.

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