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Chances are, if you have an iPad, one of the most important things you want to know is how to keep it safe.  At Abt, we have several iPad cases and covers from different manufacturers. To make it easy for you, I sat down with our Apple store sales specialist, Chris M, to find out which ones are his Top 3 best.

“You really can’t go wrong with Apple’s case” he said while opening, closing and folding it over to show me the various options you can pick when using an Apple iPad case.  The MC361ZMB iPad case is lightweight, has holes for a headphone jack and a soft microfiber interior to keep the screen safe.

The next is made by the manufacturer “Otter”, model number APL4IPAD120C40TR.  A much more secure approach, it is made with three layers: a self-adhering clear protective film, a durable silicone mid-layer and a one piece poly-carbonate shell. “This is as rugged as they get” Chris said as he tossed the case across the table with confidence.

Finally, his favorite, the Marware Eco-Vue model MARW6572. This case seemed like the luxury version of the other two.  The exterior of the case is leather. Open it up and your iPad is securely locked into place and you have two stand options with a hand strap allowing you to hold the unit and gesture with your free hand.  Frankly, with an iPad in a case that looks this nice, you’ll want that free hand to give out high-fives.

Come by the Apple store located in our Atrium or visit our cases and accessories page for a wider selection.

-Nick E.

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