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Promaster Camera Gear at Abt

Whether the upcoming holiday season has you spending more time with friends and family or escaping to warmer regions, it’s almost certain to have you taking plenty of photos. Wherever you find yourself,  having a good camera bag is key to any photographic travels. Camera bags protect your gear from accidental bumps and bruises, and make carrying your equipment much more comfortable—especially when you start carrying a flash unit, multiple lenses and assorted accessories.

Abt recently added camera accessories from ProMaster to our product line. In addition to things like lens filters and memory cards, you’ll find an assortment of camera bags in a variety of sizes and styles. Carl recently took a closer look at three different bags that are each perfect for a different level of photographer.

First up is the ProMaster Adventure 20 Compact Camera Bag, which is ideal for storing a large point-and-shoot or a small compact system camera:

On the serious end of the spectrum is the ProMaster Adventure Series Pack, which has enough pockets for multiple DSLR bodies and an assortment of lenses and accessories:

And splitting the difference is the ProMaster Digital Elite Hobbyist Bag, which is just the right size for the intermediate photographer to carry a DSLR body with a small lens and extra memory card or battery:

These are just a few of the camera bags we carry at Abt. To see the full selection, visit the Camera Bags page. If you have any question on any of the products you see, please feel free to give us a call at 888-228-5800.

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