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Projector Screen Buying Guide

These days, the home theater room is almost a mainstay in the modern American home. Rapidly advancing technology means you can get a great setup with surround sound and a beautiful display for a fraction of what it would have cost ten years ago. And with the price of a night at the movies getting ever more expensive, a nice home theater can pay for itself in a year, especially for large families. For a true cinema experience at home, there’s nothing better than a digital projector and dedicated projector screen. When shopping for a projector and screen setup, one of the things that most customers find surprising is that there are actually lots of options for projector screens—they’re not just plain white sheets. So to help prospective buyers in their quest for the right screen, we created this projector screen buying guide to take the guesswork out of some of the common terms and technologies.

If you still have questions about buying a projector screen, we’re happy to provide some more in-depth guidance. You can contact our Custom Audio Department at 847-544-2307 or [email protected]. Or, stop by our Glenview Showroom to visit our new projector display area, where you compare a variety of projectors and screens side-by-side.

Come see what a proper projector and screen, set up in a dark room and with bias lighting, can bring to your home movie experience.

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