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Presents For Players: Gaming Gifts

Oculus quest

In search of gaming gifts that’ll make the player in your life happy this holiday season? Instead of getting lost in comparison charts and model numbers, come to the experts. Abt is ready with heavy-lifting PCs, laptops, controllers and other accessories perfect for anyone on your list. Whether you’re new to the world of action adventures or are a longtime player yourself, this digital world is expanding rapidly thanks to advancements in virtual reality and upgradable personal computers. It’s not just about the latest Triple-A titles anymore—today’s gaming is about connecting with friends and finding new ways to experience the world around us. Help the hardcore player or the new fan in your life expand their horizons with exciting new technology from Abt

CyberPower PC Gamer XTreme

Go Big: CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme Desktop

This beautifully designed, brightly colored and (most importantly) powerful gaming PC was created with today’s players in mind. It makes the perfect present for those who are ready to make the leap from traditional consoles to more customizable rigs. With a PC as their gaming gift, adventure-lovers will be able to play online games with friends for as long as they want and adjust their hardware to meet their needs. It’s likely that they won’t need to make any adjustments thanks to high-quality parts. The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card brings next-gen resolution and colors to any program, while a full terabyte of storage allows tons of space for save files and downloaded data. Whether users are flying through dungeon-crawlers or taking their time with the latest narrative-driven RPG, they’ll be able to do it all in style with this brightly-colored tower. The best part? Everything you would need comes in one box, including a gaming mouse and an optimized keyboard. For more info about other accessories users might need, check out our article on PC gaming gear.

Portability for Players: Gaming Laptops

If your player isn’t quite ready to make the investment in a full-sized desktop yet, why not go portable with a gaming laptop? These mobile versions bring a significant upgrade to classic laptops with more storage, powerful graphics cards, enhanced aesthetics, and everything players need to get into the game. These devices can do everything a traditional computer can and more, including streaming to schoolwork. What sets them apart from the pack? Upgraded graphics and heat removal systems are optimized to make running programs a breeze. Some downsides include limited battery life as with any laptop, but the portability and multifunctionality may outweigh potential flaws. For advanced performance, make sure yours has a decent-sized screen (at least 15 inches) like this MSI Crosshair 15)

Gaming Laptops: MSI Crosshair
Oculus Quest in Action

Leap Into VR: Meta Quest 2 Virtual Reality Headset (256 GB)

While gaming PCs are a necessity for tons of playstyles (especially those who play with friends online in sandbox or PVP online settings), hanging out in front of a computer for hours on end isn’t for everyone. Looking for a gaming gift for a more casual player? Check out the Meta Quest 2. This all-in-one “console” allows users to get off their feet and into virtual reality with just a slip-on headset and controllers—no big TV, connecting cords or computers required. Download games from your phone in the Meta app to explore the world, destroy zombies, blast through fitness routines and dance out your troubles. Play on your own or connect with friends in the same room or across the country with ease. The virtual world becomes real with the Meta Quest 2.

Style and Performance with Upgraded Controllers

If your resident player prefers to have fun with classic consoles, upgrade their systems with an all-new controller this year. These make the perfect gaming gift for those that play with friends in-person. Opt for exciting colors that beat out classic white and black, or choose a wired or wireless version instead. Some models even offer enhanced grips, D-pads, battery life and more. Consider your loved one’s playstyle, or for more help, head into the Connect Store in the Abt Atrium. Some controllers even work with PCs. Check out these models for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

New Video game Console Controllers

JBL Quantum 300 Black Hybrid Gaming Headset w/ Mic

Enhanced Audio with Gaming Headsets

Looking for an exciting accessory for a PC, laptop or even console player? Explore our collection of gaming headsets at Abt. These immersive ear covers help users get into the groove and make the perfect gaming gift. Thanks to amped-up bass, balanced acoustics and advanced audio positioning, users are able to hear exactly what happens in real time. Pivot to keep your cursor trained on the zombie that appeared behind you with a snarl, or keep in touch with your tag team of friends as you go up against well-coordinated enemies. Whatever titles your player is enjoying, they’ll perform better with gaming headsets like this JBL Quantum 300 model.  

As snow begins to fall and the time to wrap up your gaming gifts draws near, you’ll know that you’ve picked out the perfect gear for your loved one. They’ll spend the cold winter months playing with their newest toys, having a blast with friends and immersing themselves in the latest immersive stories. If you’re still not sure what to pick out, don’t worry—you don’t have to go it alone. Instead, reach out to our team of experts at (888) 228-5800 or head into the Connect store in the Abt Atrium to see our selection in-store. Searching for more present inspiration? Keep an eye on The Bolt. We have a series of gift guides planned for all the people in your life. Check out the Abt site for even more gift ideas, and watch our video on other gifts for the gamer in your life.

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