Polk Audio Instant Home Theater

Polk Audio Instant Home Theater Surround Bar 6000

I recently purchased a Sony 55″ LED LCD TV. Let me start by saying that this TV is AWESOME. It has a great picture, but the audio leaves much to be desired. In fact, my wife agreed much faster than I had thought when I suggested we look into a soundbar that we could place on the mantel just under the TV.

I knew I wanted a soundbar that was easy to install, offered great audio and since I didn’t want to run a sub cable, it had to have a wireless subwoofer. After looking at the soundbars in our store, I decided to go with the Polk Audio SURROUNDBAR6000.

Hook up was very easy—I just connected an optical cable from my TV to the optical input on of the back of the soundbar (which by the way has 3 audio inputs). The wireless subwoofer was placed in a corner and plugged into a Panamax 2-Outlet Grey Multi-Use Surge Protector – MD2 after setting both the subwoofer and the soundbar on the same channel. Lastly, I had to go into the TV menu settings and turn off the TV’s internal speakers.

Now my family and I enjoy great room-filling audio from our TV.

Rafael P.

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