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CES 2022: Sony Announces PlayStation VR2

playstation vr2 announcement screen

The CES 2022 coverage continues on The Bolt! Today, Sony announced their newest PlayStation VR headset and VR controllers to take virtual gaming to new heights. Sony seeks to “[explore] new technology that unlocks new entertainment experiences” and that virtual reality is central to making that happen. Sony’s next generation VR system for PS5 will be called PlayStation VR2 and the next-gen controllers are called PlayStation VR2 Sense Controllers. Additionally, a new generation of VR games is coming, designed specifically for an ultra-immersive experience. Technology and creativity combine for a powerful gameplay experience. The new VR system will include new sensory features, enhanced controls tracking and upgraded visual fidelity. Sounds awesome, right? With eye tracking, reactions will be more intuitive, creating a stronger connection between players and characters. 4K HDR, foveated rendering and an expanded 110 field of view will deliver unmatched visuals to the PlayStation VR2 experience. 

PSVR2 logo

Sony also announced Horizon Call of the Mountain, a stunning new game developed specifically for PSVR 2. Equal parts innovative and beautiful, the latest installment of the Horizon franchise will transport you to a new world. 

However, prices and images for the new PlayStation VR2 headset and controllers weren’t revealed yet. We can’t wait to see what Sony has imagined for the next generation of gaming. See the full PlayStation announcement for yourself here.

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