PlayStation 4: What to Expect…

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Last night, Sony announced the release of their newest gaming console, the PlayStation 4.  The news has been 7 years in the making since the release of the PlayStation 3 back in 2006, and since then, rumors, mock-ups, ideas and opinions of the next console have been swirling around the internet ever since.  With great fanfare and a 2-hour unveiling, Sony goes over the meat of their newest console with great hype, but no image of the final product.  This only adds to the interest and general excitement for the impending PlayStation 4.  Here’s what we know, thus far:

PlayStation4: The Guts

There will be a built-in AMD processor, specifically a custom processor which utilizes eight x86-64 AMD Jaguar CPU cores, with a next-gen AMD Radeon based graphics engine powering the way.  This unit is going to definitely have high-end computer-style graphics that will not only make gameplay look incredibly and smooth, but can handle graphic development as well as additional tasks you would find on a high-end PC.

They played some great looking demos that showed off the amazing graphics, game play and utterly impressive lighting effects.  Some big titles to be released when the PS4 comes out are Watch Dogs and The Last of Us.


It will be shipped with 8GB of GDDR5 memory.   Sony expects the power up capability will be incredibly fast, giving you no wait time when ready to play your games.  The 8GB of RAM will enhance gameplay as well, leaving minimal room for skips and graphic errors.

Backwards compatibility

Unfortunately the PS4 will NOT be backwards compatible.   However, there will be an option the Sony Entertainment Network that offers server-side emulation and streaming of games from PS One classics right through to PS3 titles.

sony entertainment network

PS4 release date

The PS4 release date is currently scheduled for the  “Holiday 2013”. That’s pretty much all that Sony said.  nothing specific as of yet.  being released around that time has been a common theme, just in time for the Holiday rush of gift-buying.  Check back with us as the months go on to find more juicy tidbits on the PlayStation 4.

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