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How to Rescan Your HDTV

In the great digital television transition of 2009, all broadcast television signals in the US shifted from analog to digital, to free up bandwidth and improve overall viewing quality. You may remember needing to purchase a set-top tuner and learning a new set of channel numbers. Due to some shuffling of the current digital spectrum, many of the channel numbers set in the digital switchover are in the process of being changed once again, and viewers who get their TV via an Over the Air broadcast (if you use an antenna) will need to rescan your HDTV for new station numbers. This new change is occurring in a series of phases, each affecting a different area of the country at a different time. The Chicagoland area will undergo these changes on October 18, which is why many viewers in the area have been seeing commercials urging them to “Plan to Rescan.”

The good news about this change is that, unlike the initial transition, this will be a seamless, relatively trouble-free adjustment. Viewers won’t need to purchase any extra equipment, and adjusting is as easy as rescanning for new HDTV channels. If that sounds daunting, we’re here to help. Check out the videos below for step-by-step info on how to rescan for HDTV channels on Samsung, LG, and Sony TVs. Still have questions after watching these videos? Feel free to contact our tech support via chat or phone for more assistance. Reminder: This only applies if you receive your TV broadcast via an antenna; viewers with cable, satellite, or streaming TV services can disregard.

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