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Picture Perfect

The Abt aquarium is home to lots of beautiful fish and eel. Each day the aquarium must look spotless so customers can try out our extensive line of cameras and HD camcorders. Although we have an aquarium service come in to clean once a week, some of Abt’s employees help too. Russell, who works in electronics service, loves to dive in to clean the coral and feed the fish.

Surrounding two sides of the aquarium are the cameras and HD camcorders for customers to test on the beautiful fish and coral.

I never realized what a challenge it was to take pictures of an aquarium. Luckily, Abt has some great small electronics experts to help me choose the settings on the camera to best shoot photos through glass. The pictures I took, for being an amateur, aren’t too bad.

Why don’t you come in and take some photos of our aquarium and test out a few new cameras and HD camcorders?

Kelly B.

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