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PicoBrew’s Picks for Best Fall Brews

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One of the highlights of the dawn of fall is the arrival of a variety of seasonal beverages. No, we’re not talking about hot apple cider or pumpkin spice lattes. We’re talking about fall beers. As the weather turns, so do most beer drinkers’ palettes. Light, refreshing, fruit-infused beers are replaced with brews that are a little darker, a little heavier, and tend towards ingredients like pumpkin, maple, and an overall spicier flavor profile. One of the musts of enjoying a seasonal beer is to make sure you get it as fresh as possible. And if you’re a PicoBrew user, your beer will be as fresh as it gets. PicoBrew is the innovative all-in-one system that lets you easily and quickly brew your favorite beers—including recipes from well-known breweries—without the measuring, monitoring, and uncertain results of traditional home brewing. And your beer is ready to drink in as little as a week after starting.

To welcome autumn, PicoBrew gave us a rundown of their favorite seasonal beers. They’re great for chilly fall nights around a bonfire, or sipping slowly on a lazy, football-filled Sunday.

5 Joquains Craft Cerveza’s El Marron Mexican Dark: “a rich, full-bodied lager…roasted malty flavors…hints of chocolate flavor and aroma” 5.2% ABV 30 IBUs

Tractor Brewing Farmer’s Tan Red Ale: “Big, rich and malty…toasted caramel malt that finishes slightly sweet and unbelievably delicious.” 6.0% ABV 31 IBUs

Marshall Schott’s Brülosopher’s Brown Ale: “Chocolate, nutty, and roasty notes meld well with the subtle aromatic qualities of Cascade hops” 5.4% ABV 28 IBUs

Granite Brewery Peculiar English Old Ale: “notes of caramel and toffee leading to a sweet, dry finish.” 6.0% ABV 26 IBUs

Upslope Brewing Company Brown Ale: a medium-bodied brown ale with “a rich, malty backbone…an assertive hop character…and a dark brown body that supports a creamy tan head.” 6.7% ABV 45 IBUs

Old Hangtown Beer Works’ Black Betty American Porter: “Sturdy, malty dark beer with complex and flavorful dark malt attributes…characterful English hops” 6.1% ABV 35 IBUs

Of course, beer aficionados can be a demanding bunch, and tastes are obviously very subjective. One of the great things about the PicoBrew system is that it allows users to tweak the recipe, fine-tuning the alcohol content and bitterness levels to their liking. All of the beers listed above are available through PicoBrew’s BrewMarketplace. And if you don’t yet have your PicoBrew brewing system, you’re in luck! From now through October 1st, you can save $150 on the PicoBrew Pico Personal Brewery. It includes everything you’ll need to brew, store, and serve your own beers this autumn.

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