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Phone App May Help Keep Eye On Your Car

Viktor Lortz, a senior research scientist at chipmaker Intel’s research labs in Santa Clara, California, has been working on a project that connects the electronics inside a car to the Internet so that mobile apps can provide a car owner with updates on his vehicle when the two are apart.

This means that an application for your phone will keep you aware of the safety of your car. Intel researchers state that consumers, “can access data from the car and also send commands to it. The apps can be used for simple things, for example, opening the car door or starting the vehicle, as well as for more sophisticated tasks, like sending an alert and streaming video when the car’s motion sensors or alarm are triggered.”

All the processed information will be fed to the consumer via their phone and can be viewed immediately.  This a great step towards preventing auto theft as well as convenience for all drivers.

The entire article can be found on Technology Review’s website.

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