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Personal Energy Orb Arduino Makes You Earn Your Computer Time

Are you one of those people who puts off exercising in favor of surfing the web or playing on Facebook? Well, the Personal Energy Orb is going to force your computer-loving self to get back into shape. Developed by two students at the University of Munich for a physical computing course, the Personal Energy Orb connects to a bike-mounted revolution counter to note how far a user rides, counting the total distance toward usable time on a computer.

A fully “charged” green orb will allow a user to use their computer normally. ¬†However, a used up, red orb will drag your computer’s cursor sensitivity settings to its lowest. A great metaphor who like to sit on the computer for hours at a time, living a completely sluggish lifestyle. The project’s creators say that the dragging in usage will lead to people enthusiastically hopping back on the bike to browse at a normal pace. This seems like a great way to get people to try to exercise, or at least for brief periods, get their faces away from the computer monitor.

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