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People Starting To Crave 3D On Their TVs

Putting on funny glasses and watching a 3D movie used to be something people would do just for the fun of it, for the novelty of the experience. No one really expected much in terms of high-quality 3D visuals—until now. With the technology having progressed to a point where special glasses aren’t even necessary in some cases, consumer interest in 3D movies, TV shows, and video games is growing.

A new study by the Consumer Electronics Association and the Entertainment and Technology Center at the University of Southern California shows that almost 41 million adults in the U.S. have seen a 3D movie in a theater during the past 12 months. Nearly half of that 41 million said they would prefer to watch a movie in 3D rather than 2D.

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Current 3D technology also is poised to move into consumers’ homes, with 16 percent of those surveyed saying they would like to watch 3D movies and TV shows on their own video systems, while 14 percent want the ability to play video games in 3D.

“We’ve seen college football’s national championship game, multiple Super Bowl commercials and an hour-long TV show, all broadcast in 3D,” said David Wertheimer, CEO and executive director of the Entertainment and Technology Center at USC. “Interest in 3D is growing, and consumers and content providers are both interested in seeing 3D migrate into the home.”

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