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Pantry Organization for Spring Cleaning

clear containers filled with dry ingredients on a shelf

Spring cleaning is still in full swing, and today we’re sharing our pantry organization tips. Keeping your pantry organized has tons of benefits, from making mealtime easier to reducing food waste. Whether you have a walk-in or a small cabinet, we’re here to help. 

Invest In Containers

One of the most popular pantry organization ideas is to put your items in coordinating containers. Why? Because these containers are clear, so you can see what’s inside, and can be stacked. Having a random assortment of boxes and bags looks messy and is hard to keep organized. Acrylic or glass containers with airtight lids are a classic choice and you can find them anywhere. They’re available in just about any size imaginable, so you can store all sorts of ingredients. Flour, pasta, or even sprinkles are perfect for these containers. 

Clear spice containers with labels

Add Labels

Labels make it easy to see what you have, too. Adhesive labels are great for the clear vessels we just discussed. If you have larger or bulkier items in baskets, you can add labels to those, too. Labeling your food items is particularly helpful if someone in your house has dietary restrictions or food allergies. They’re also helpful if you own a lot of spices or have decanted them. There are even labels that you can erase and write over, which is great if you try new items often.

Store Similar Items Together

This pantry organization tip is especially helpful if you’re organizing a larger space, like a walk-in pantry. Storing like items together will make it easier to find what you need when cooking or baking. For example, keeping all your spices lined up together makes it easy to grab and go. If you bake often, keep your flour, sugar and baking soda containers in the same area. If you use particular items more often, you should keep them at eye level or wherever is most accessible for you.

Utilize Door & Wall Space

Your pantry door is a great opportunity for organization. Mount a hanging rack for spices, plastic bags or any other items you reach for often. Using your door for storage is particularly helpful for smaller pantries. If you have a walk-in, take advantage of wall space. Whether you hang organizational items or a calendar, this space has tons of potential. Or, if you’d like to add more personal style to your space, you can also hang art or photos on the wall.

Keep It Clean

Of course, none of these tips matter if your pantry is dirty. Before you start setting up your fancy containers and canisters, wipe down the shelves. You don’t want your items to be covered in crumbs or food residue. If you have a walk-in pantry, you should also sweep or vacuum the floor. Lastly, you should tidy up your pantry at a regular interval, whether at the end of the week or the month. Occasional tidying will help the space stay organized and looking Pinterest-worthy.


Now that your pantry is organized, take some time to enjoy how easy it is to see everything you have. If you’re looking for more spring cleaning tips, we have an entire checklist to clean each room. You can also find all kinds of spring cleaning essentials at Abt including vacuums and household cleaners. With our tips, your entire home will be sparkling in no time.

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