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Panasonic WT60: Stunning All Around

The Panasonic WT60 3D LED TV wraps a gorgeous IPS display in a stunning, nearly-invisible frame.

Panasonic WT60 LED TV

The minimalist design of the Panasonic WT60 gives the impression of a floating display.

CES 2013—While CES 2013 is a great place to see manufacturers’ conceptual products, sometimes it gets frustrating to be bombarded by technology that we won’t see on the retail market for years, if ever. Panasonic, thankfully, had a booth full of stunning TVs that will be available this year. Our favorite was the flagship Panasonic WT60 LED TV.

With 47 and 55-inch models slated, the WT60 TVs won’t win any size battles. Instead, Panasonic will be loading the displays with enhanced features and an edgy design, which is a change from the company’s often uninspiring, though well-performing, plasma TVs.

Perched on a clear pedestal and wrapped in a minimalist bezel, the Panasonic WT60 TVs almost appear to be floating. The super-thin IPS panels provide a picture whose color and contrast rival plasma displays and maintain color fidelity across a 178° degree viewing angle. A 240 Hz refresh rate makes the WT60 Full HD 3D capable and, in combination with Panasonic’s new 4200 Back Light Scanning technology, keeps ghosting to a minimum. The BLS should also help improve black levels.

The WT60 Series are equipped with VIERA Connect, Panasonic’s smart-tv designation. In addition to now-standard TV features like app compatibility, VEIRA Connect will let you control the WT60 with your smartphone, or play compatible mobile games displayed on the TV. If you’d like to view photos on your WT60, Swipe and Share 2.0 lets you move content from your NFC-equipped smartphone to the TV with just a tap. We’re especially eager to try out Panasonic’s Voice Guidance and Voice Interaction. The former will read to you text displayed on the screen; the latter allows you to control the TV by speaking to it or into your remote.

Panasonic has not yet released prices, but the WT60 series LED TVs are set to be released this spring. Keep an eye on the blog, or our main site for news of their availability.

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