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Even Cooking with Panasonic’s Inverter Technology

Panasonic microwave

Microwaves are convenient to have in your home, offering a quicker and easier way of preparing your food without taking up a lot of space or hurting your wallet. They make it easier to defrost frozen foods, reheat last night’s left overs, and even cook an entire meal. As the technology of microwaves continues to evolve, innovators are finding ways to ensure more consistent results and solve uneven cooking. The experts at Panasonic have come up with the intuitive design of Inverter Technology, which should eliminate the struggles of uneven cooking. Unlike most microwaves that depend on “pulse on, pulse off” cooking at low temperatures, the patented Inverter Technology creates a constant flow of power at all temperature settings, ensuring evenly cooked food at all times.

Panasonic’s Inverter Technology provides microwave energy in ways that allow the most delicate foods to simmer without overcooking. Also, foods preserve more color, texture and nutrients for quick, easy and of course delicious results. The compact design of the Inverter power microwaves is lighter than most conventional microwaves. These units provide more interior capacity while taking up less space on the counter top.

Whether you’re reheating Mom’s leftover meat loaf or popping popcorn before your movie starts, Panasonic’s Inverter Technology  will guarantee consistent and delicious results. Want to see yourself? Check out these microwave hacks once you get yourself a new Panasonic Inverter Technology.

Microwave Hacks You Need to Try

1. Poach Eggs


For all the Eggs Benedict lovers out there, there’s no need to wait for water to come to a boil! All you need is a microwave safe bowl or teacup, fill it up a 1/2 cup of water and an egg. You gently crack an egg, make sure its completely submerged. Cover it with a small plate or saucer and microwave on HIGH for a minute or until the white is set and yolk is runny.

2. Peel and Blanch Garlic


Garlic is a popular ingredient used in cooking, but sometimes peeling the garlic can be messy. Eliminate the mess and pop an unpeeled garlic clove in them microwave for 15 seconds. The skin slides right off and the clove is ready to use!

3. Steam Broccoli 


Cut the broccoli into florets and place them into a microwave safe bowl and add water. 2-3 tablespoons of water should be enough for one pound of broccoli. Then, cover the bowl tightly using a ceramic plate and cook for 3-4 minutes.

4. Get More Juice From a Lemon


Whenever you need a lot of lemon juice for lemonade or other cooking reasons, microwave them for about 10-20 seconds. Heat works up the water molecules making the flesh of the fruit softer, which makes it way easier to squeeze. You’ll get the most out of your lemon and you won’t need to go through more lemons than you need.

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