Panasonic 50 inch Plasma HDTV Tops Staff Member’s Must-Have List

Our next featured salesperson is Rafael, who has been with Abt for 9 years. “Raf” and his wife just welcomed a new son to their family a few months ago, and Raf has been splitting his time away from work between playing with his son, playing one of his many guitars (his current favorite is a Gibson Les Paul Studio Limited Edition), and watching his new Panasonic TH50PZ85U plasma HDTV, which he describes below:

“I purchased the Panasonic VIERA 50″ plasma TV to put in my basement, but since I’m currently remodeling that area of my house, I temporarily put the Panasonic in my family room to replace a 32″ TV. As soon as I finish working on the basement, my new TV will go down there.”

Panasonic VIERA 50-inch TV

“I had a Toshiba Cinema 50″ rear projection TV in a previous home, so I really didn’t want to go to a smaller TV. Getting another 50” was my obvious choice, and this Panasonic VIERA plasma is terrific. It has plenty of HD inputs (3 HDMI and 2 component), and HD broadcasts really look great, with excellent detail, bright colors, and deep blacks. Standard definition signals also look good, and even my favorite TV show, “Sanford and Son”—which, by the way, I have about 140 episodes saved on my HD TiVo—looks okay.”

“Setup is pretty simple on this Panasonic, with an “easy to follow” on-screen menu. Another great feature is the SD card slot. My wife has a Canon digital camera that uses an SD memory card, so when we want to view pictures of our new son, all we have to do is insert the memory card in the SD card slot on the TV and we have an instant slide show of our new bundle of joy.”

To see the huge selection of HDTVs available at Abt, in all sizes and styles, click here.               —by Graham W.

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    Ace Sanford
    August 14, 2008 at 2:28 pm

    The Panasonic plasmas are great. They always get very high ratings from Consumer Reports. I have my PS3 hooked up to it when I’m playing my Guitar Hero. And let me tell you, you haven’t lived til you play Wolfmother on HD quality. Its is spectacular! Glad to see Rafael takes pride in his electronics and passes on his personal knowledge to his customers. Bravo, bravo!

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