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Out With Cameras, In With…Smartphones?

Smartphones are slowly becoming the go-to electronic for everything on-the-go. They have become everything from a cell phone to a music player to a hand held video game console. What they also have become is the perfect instant camera. Smartphones are gaining ground as photo and video capture devices, according to a study by The NPD Group.  According to the NPD Group, 27 percent of all still and video images were captured on smartphones this year. This is up from 17 percent in 2010.

As smartphones continue to add to their features, their internal bits and pieces become more advanced.  Most recently the iPhone 4s has an 8mp camera with incredible features that easily rival most major point-and-shoot digital cameras.

Being a new owner of an iPhone 4s, I no longer have to lug my camera on trips.  Recently I made a trip to the Field Museum in Chicago, IL and I used my iPhone 4s all day for every camera shots.  They all looked great, even in low light situations.  My phone has become my main source for picture taking.  It is fast, easy to use, allows for in-camera editing and I always have my phone on me, so I never miss a picture.

Do you use your cell phone to take images or video?  Let us know!

Image taken at the Chicago Field Museum with iPhone 4s

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