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Our YouTube Channel Turns 100,000!

It seems like only yesterday that the Abt YouTube channel was a fledgling account, with just a handful of subscribers and celebrating our one-millionth view. From that milestone on, our video team set their sites on the next big goal: 100,000 subscribers. After years of hard work, crafting hundreds of videos of TV reviews, buying guides, and product tutorials, we’re proud to announce that earlier this summer we were able to reach that goal. And after a few weeks of anticipation, our coveted Silver Play Button has arrived.

It was a great honor to get the award in our hands, acknowledging that the content we produce is enjoyed by so many people. We want to extend a big thanks to everyone who has subscribed to our channel, watches our videos, or shares them on their own social networks. If you’re not already subscribed, but would like to stay up-to-date on technology releases like the newest TVs and audio equipment, visit the Abt YouTube channel and hit the “subscribe” button. You’ll be helping us reach our next goal of One Million Subscribers.

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