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One Customer's Excellent Experience With Abt

Recently we were written about in a blog by a writer named Kingsley Tang, creator of the blog “Kingsley Tang & The Purple Reaction.”  Writing about a positive experience he had when purchasing electronics brings a smile to all of us here at Abt.  He writes,

“Abt Electronics is huge but it doesn’t feel like any other electronics store…If you live within two hours driving distance of Abt Electronics, it is worth the drive to go to this store. Abt Electronics has created a consumer experience that cannot ever be replicated online and while other brick and mortar stores are losing out to online retailers stores like Abt never will.”

Thank you for the kind words, Kingsley. Our goal is complete satisfaction and it’s great to always hear good news from our customers.  His entire blog post can be found at “Abt Electronics: How cookies and a fish tank create a consumer paradise“.

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