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NVIDIA Display Cluster CES 2013

People love their cars. They put hundreds, even thousands into them well after they bought them. It becomes a status symbol as well as an expression of the driver. NVDIA showcased their NVIDIA Display Cluster, which is a digital reproduction of all your analog buttons you would be familiar with for your car.  Josh Davis stopped by the NVIDIA booth to go over their newest technology.

The display is gorgeous and looks incredibly intuitive.  Through the technology of the Tegra 3 processor, the Display Cluster will bring a whole new depth to driving your car. With a variety of apps to download, you can have multi-functional tools that help you get around on the road, as well as perfect the audio in your car.  You will even have visual diagnostics letting you know the current “health” of your car.  NVIDIA wants to push full integration and well as ease-of-use.

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