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Nikon EN-EL 15 Battery Recall

Nikon has just announced a recall for their Model EN-EL15r rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. A short circuit is causing the battery to overheat and the casing the become deformed, posing a potential hazard to customers. There have only been seven (7) recorded cases worldwide, with no injuries, but Nikon asks anyone with the battery pack to contact Nikon and initiate a free product exchange.

First, determine if you have the affected model

    • Nikon D800 DSLR

    • Nikon D800E DLSR

    • Nikon D7000 DSLR

    • Nikon 1 V1 advanced cameras with interchangeable lens

    • The retail model for the battery pack itself is 27011

Then, determine if your battery is affected

The voluntary recall is limited to the EN-EL15 battery packs in lots E and F. Make sure “EN-EL15” is printed on your battery pack and then located the 14-digit number beside the recycle symbol.

  • If the 9th character of the lot number is E or F, your batter is among those being recalled.
  • If the 9th character of the lot number is any other letter, your battery is not affected.

Need help? Try Nikon’s Lot Number Lookup Tool

If your battery pack is among those affected

  • Remove the battery from your camera or camera bag, but do not dispose of it.
  • Complete the Nikon online EN-EL15 battery exchange
  • Once your request is processed Nikon will send you a confirmation email
  • On the day of the battery exchange, UPS will contact you by phone and email notifying you of the delivery.
  • A UPS courier will then deliver your new battery pack(s) and collect the recalled battery pack(s)
  • Some needs to be present for the exchange. If you need special arrangements contact UPS.


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