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Newly Redesigned Custom Audio Department

Next time you step into Abt’s custom audio department, you’ll notice a few changes. First off, you may think you are in a showroom in Vegas with our new 16×16 Planar Video Wall.  Located in the middle of our custom audio center, there are 16 46 LCD 1080p TVs  lined up to create the ultimate home theater experience you cannot find in any retail store.

The panel is controlled by a computer that can process each individual monito maintaining it’s full 1080p image.  What is interesting is that, through the computer, the monitors can be controlled as to what should be on the display.  As you can see above, our 4×4 has 4 separate TVs on top displaying 4 different products, while the 3×4 on the bottom is playing a movie on all 12 monitors.  A fantastic experience for both kids and adults.

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