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New Year’s Resolution Ideas (That Aren’t Going to the Gym)

A new year is here, and with that comes the inevitable New Year’s resolutions! But most people have the same goals each year (that they may or may not achieve). Why not switch things up with one of these New Year’s resolution ideas that are all about learning new skills and seeing new places? 

Hone Your Culinary Craftsmanship

red KitchenAid stand mixer on a wooden counter next to a plate of tacos

Do most of your meals come out of a microwave? Maybe 2023 is the year you pick up a new skill in the kitchen. The first of our New Year’s resolution ideas is to upgrade your cooking and baking. Small kitchen appliances are perfect for helping learn something new without spending a fortune, and Abt offers plenty of them. Blenders are for more than just smoothies, so upgrade your old one to a powerful model that can help make soups and sauces from scratch. Or maybe you’re confident cooking meals but want to dip your toe in the world of baking. In that case, a stand mixer from a top brand like KitchenAid is the way to go. These convenient gadgets are ideal for kneading dough for bread or mixing brownie batter. If you need some inspiration in the kitchen, check out our recipes you can make with your new appliance.

Explore a New Hobby

two people dressed in dark clothing taking flash photography

Is there something you’ve always wanted to try, but haven’t made the time? This is your chance to get into a new hobby. Photography is an awesome way to express your creativity, capture meaningful memories and more. A great DSLR camera from pro-favorite brands like Canon or Nikon is a great way to hold onto those memories forever. Better food pics, beautiful sunsets and family gatherings are captured forever. If your camera has been collecting dust because you’re not sure how to use it, check out our photography classes! If you’re not able to make the in-person class, we also stream them from our YouTube so you can finally explore that hobby you’ve always wanted to try.

See the World

blond woman wearing a hat looking out at a building in the distance

The last of our New Year’s resolution ideas is to get out and see more of the world. New cultures, new languages, new food…it’s nice to have a change of pace and see things beyond your own neighborhood once in a while. The right travel essentials take the stress out of traveling, especially at crowded airports. A suitcase that fits a week’s worth of clothes or a convenient carry-on that helps organize your most important items are the perfect gift to yourself before embarking on your next adventure. Another way you can see new places that doesn’t require a plane ticket? A drone. These next-gen devices have a built-in camera that let you see the world from a totally different perspective. 

Find More New Year’s Resolution Ideas at Abt

A new year means a clean slate and plenty of opportunities to do something for yourself. Between our huge selection of products and our extensive catalog of recipes, we’re here to help no matter what your goals are for the new year. Cook more, read more, see more or do more. No matter what you want to do, there’s no better time to try than now. And if you do have fitness goals for the new year, we sell home fitness equipment, too.

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