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New Sound in Mobile Audio

Have you stopped by Abt’s car audio department lately? If you have, then you have probably heard beats pounding from the new Focal Speakers. Focal has four lines of mobile audio speakers—the Utopia Be, K2 Power, Polyglass, and Access 1.

Abt carries the K2 Power and Polyglass series of speakers and amplifiers. I listened to them this morning when I talked to Neil R, (manager of the mobile audio department) wow, they are impressive. Neil told me that Focal speakers have a pretty cool story. The goal of Focal, a French company, is to make speakers that faithfully reproduce music. They refuse to compromise the quality of sound. One of their speaker lines, Utopia Be, is made with Beryllium—an element 100 times more expensive than gold. This is a company that constantly pursues innovation so they can share their utopia with customers.

If you are interested in the other lines by Focal, talk to one of the mobile audio specialists. Even if we don’t stock the model that you are interested in, we are able to order it for you.

Check out Abt’s full selection of car speakers to find the right ones for all of your car audio needs today.

-Kelly B.

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