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New Sharp LCDs Have Built-In Blu-ray Players

Sharp has introduced its new AQUOS BD Series LCD TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show, featuring built-in, side-loading Blu-ray disc players for an all-in-one home theater experience. These are the world’s first high-definition LCD TVs with built-in Blu-ray players, and they feature a new Advanced Super View (ASV) Superlucent Panel to produce a dramatically bright and crisp picture while reducing haze and reflectivity. In addition, a new AQUOS Pure Mode provides convenient optimized viewing of Blu-ray titles.

The 1080p AQUOS BD series includes 52-inch, 46-inch, 42-inch, 37-inch, and 32-inch screen sizes, with a side-loading multi-slot for Blu-ray, DVD, and CD content. A convenient, single-step operation feature turns the TV on and activates play when a Blu-ray disc is inserted.

Sharp AQUOS BD Series LCD TV

“This product is a one-stop, stylish home theater, and the built-in side-loading Blu-ray slot is also a space-saver for style-conscious consumers, eliminating the need for a separate box and extra cables,” said Bob Scaglione, senior vice president and group manager, Product and Marketing Group, Sharp Electronics Corporation. The 52-inch and 46-inch models will be available in February, while the other three are due out this month.

Sharp also announced its new E-series full-HD 1080p LCD TVs, with screen sizes ranging all the way up to 65 inches. The E series models feature the same Advanced Super View Superlucent Panel as the BD Series, and also have new color accents at the bottom of the frame and a newly designed swivel stand. The 65-incher will be available in June for around $4,500, while the smaller models will be out in about a month.

“With the AQUOS E Series, Sharp is giving consumers a powerful combination of image-enhancing features and a wide range of choices across several screen sizes,” said Scaglione.    —by Graham W.

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