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New OLED TVs: 2018 Sony A8F and LG C8

new OLED tvs comparison - Sony A8F and LG C8

We take a closer look at two of the year’s most-anticipated new OLED TVs

The parade of updated TVs continues, and today we turn our attention to the year’s new OLED TVs: the Sony A8F and the LG C8. Up until a few years ago, OLED displays were limited to very small sizes, or were prohibitively expensive. Their limitations made OLED TVs the stuff of science fiction or the most extravagant home theaters. But new OLED TVs¬†have reached a price point that puts them within the budget of most average home entertainment enthusiasts. And while still more expensive than LED TVs of equal size, OLEDs offer advancements that makes them worth the premium to dedicated movie lovers.

An OLED TV is significantly thinner than an LED display, while providing a better picture. It produces richer colors, deeper blacks, and provides much greater viewing angles. Combined with an UHD source, like a 4K Blu-ray player, an OLED display will give you an unrivaled viewing experience. There’s no better display choice for a dream home theater. Check out the videos below to see the updates in each of these new OLED TVs. As always, if you have any questions, leave us a comment and we’ll be happy to answer it!

LG C8 OLED TV Overview:

The LG ThinQ AI, a9 Intelligent Processor, and xxx make the LG C8 a formidable TV.

Sony A8F OLED TV Overview:

The Sony A8F answers with the X1 Extreme processor, integrated Google Assistant, and the innovative Acoustic Surface speaker system.

Local to our Chicagoland showroom? We invite you to come see each TV in person to truly experience their capabilities. Still not sold on OLED technology, or shopping for a high-end LED display instead? Check out our earlier comparison of the Sony X900F and Samsung Q9FN televisions.

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