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Calling all audiophiles: we’re just five days away from the newest Sonos product launch, the Move 2. This is the brand’s third portable speaker release and the follow-up to the original Move speaker. With an upgrade to stereo sound, redesigned controls and an improved battery, the Sonos Move 2 takes versatility to the next level. If you’re in need of a new music companion, keep reading to learn more about this speaker’s enhanced features.

Stunning Stereo Sound

The Sonos Move 2’s precision-tuned woofer, powered by advanced digital signal processing, creates mid-range frequencies and strong bass audio that’s both clean and dynamic. While the original Move speaker had a single tweeter, this upgraded model has two. This tweeter duo produces stereo separation and a high-fidelity soundstage. In both the left and right channels, you can enjoy the details of every individual instrument as well as the clear, crisp vocals. Just like the first Move speaker, the Sonos Move 2 features automatic Trueplay tuning. Trueplay uses built-in microphones to analyze the acoustics of the surrounding environment to uniquely optimize the audio output. Trueplay ensures that no matter where you are in the room, you will get the best listening experience possible.

Connections & Device Pairing

The Sonos Move 2 speaker offers various device pairing possibilities, whether you desire a stereo pair or a whole-home sound system. Just connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop to the speaker through Bluetooth with a single press of a button. You can stream high-quality audio with zero interruptions on this model or from multiple speakers at once. Feel free to mix and match Sonos speakers and pair them up to create your own immersive surround sound system. Want to connect a turntable or alternative audio source to the Sonos Move 2? This speaker supports line-in connections with an additional USB-C adapter, which acts as an analog-to-digital converter.

Sonos Move 2 Controls & Technology

The body of the Sonos Move 2 speaker features intuitive touch controls. Just tap to play or pause your favorite tracks and swipe the slider bar to adjust the volume. Outside of these physical touchpoints, there are multiple ways to control this speaker. Change the speaker settings from any room with the Sonos app and from your chosen streaming service. If you want a hands-free listening experience, you can give this speaker voice commands and even control additional smart home devices with Amazon Alexa. The Sonos Move 2 also offers privacy when you need it most. While the other mic-enabled features will remain on, you can deactivate the voice assistant abilities by just tapping the speech bubble on the speaker. If you wish to disconnect all the built-in microphones, just toggle off the switch located on the back of the speaker.

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A Supercharged & Energy-Efficient Experience

While the original Sonos Move offered 10 hours of battery life, this upgraded model provides 24 hours of continuous playback on a single charge. Thanks to the acoustic updates on the Sonos Move 2, this speaker is increasingly efficient and has more than double the endurance. It can even receive regular updates for extended life. When the time comes for a necessary battery boost, the Move 2 can be set on the included Wireless Charging Base. This base is smaller than the previous model and has been upgraded with a compact and detachable power adapter. The rear USB-C port also allows you to charge additional devices using the speaker. When your Move 2 battery finally loses power, it’s completely replaceable so you never have to buy a whole new speaker. Altogether, Sonos has managed to reduce the Move line’s energy consumption by more than 40 percent. 

The Design of the Sonos Move 2

The build of this portable speaker is fairly similar to the first Move, as it’s also equipped with a built-in handle. This design makes it far easier to carry the Sonos Move 2 around at home or when traveling. The speaker is IP56 dust & water-resistant and constructed with shock-absorbent material. This means it’s able to handle dirt, spills, sun, humidity and more. Even the everyday accidental tumble won’t break this powerhouse product. While the Move 2 takes an elegant shape to fit any home aesthetic, it also incorporates recycled plastics and comes in 100% recycled packaging. Those seeking a stylish, environmentally friendly device will be satisfied.

If the Sonos Move 2 sounds like the perfect speaker for you, grab yours at Abt on September 20th or preorder now! We’re always featuring the newest products and technology hitting the shelves on our blog, so keep an eye on The Bolt and always stay up to date. 

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