New & Now: Dual Fuel Range from BlueStar!

BlueStar Dual Fuel range in a kitchen with matching navy refrigerators.

The long-awaited BlueStar dual fuel range has finally been released! The latest creation by the brand’s engineers brings all the best of both electric and gas-powered cooking technologies to one appliance. And with it comes a revolution for both the gas burners on top and the electric-fueled oven within. Read on to learn all about how the new dual fuel range from BlueStar goes up against the competition…and wins. 

48" BlueStar Dual Fuel range in a kitchen; ovens filled with turkey and veggies.

Gas-Fueled X-8 Sealed Burners

The brand’s star-shaped burners have always boasted precision, but new X-8 sealed burners are designed for unparalleled, versatile power. Every burner heats at the same power level. You never need to look for which burners are made to simmer and which ones boil pasta water in minutes. With a spin of the dials, each X-8 burner will be at the same temp: perfect for those who host holiday meals like Thanksgiving or love to entertain and need to get meals cooked quickly. The highest heat available is 25,00 BTUs (perfect for searing in a cast iron pan) while the lowest temperature is a low, low heat of 500 BTUs, perfect for warming delicate sauces and chocolates. Whether you’re a home chef, the consummate entertainer or hope to get meals on the table fast, the X-8 burners on the dual fuel range from BlueStar bring all the precision you need.  

Electric True Convection Ovens

The electric oven has been lauded for its even, ultra-precise heating for decades, and BlueStar gives the concept an upgrade with its dual fuel range. With these, it’s all about precision. Whether your range has a double oven or not, its overside capacity is ready to tackle even the largest of tasks. BlueStar made this oven masterfully, with a beautifully colorful touchscreen.  Users can control the dual fuel range’s true convection from here. Choose between eight different cooking modes, like Convect Bake, Roast, Broil, Proof and Dehydrate. Meanwhile, it’s easy to use QuickStart cooking to get interior heat moving with just three touches on the screen. 

Why Choose Dual Fuel?

If you still aren’t sure that you’ll love this BlueStar range, take a look at some of the benefits of dual fuel ranges. Again, you truly get the best of both worlds. The precision of gas burners you can only find with open flame, and the consistent baking heat from electric convection ovens combine for the perfect appliance. There is one downside: homes need the right kind of hookups. You will want to have both a gas line and a 240-volt electric outlet. If you have both of those elements in your home already, you’re all set for this cooker. Hoping to learn more? Check out the video below for an in-depth analysis. Head to the BlueStar kitchen at Abt to see this cooker in person!  

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